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Flood Relief

Pakistan saw flood at a scale never seen in the country before, thousands of lives were lost. The flood left thousands of houses damages, a substantial large number of houses were raised to the grounds. The flood water has not only contaminated the drinking water, but have also damaged the water wells and hand pipes. Drinking water has been polluted with the flood water and the incidence of water borne disease is on the raise. The cases of typhoid, gastroenteritis and cholera have increased manifolds.

Flood Relief Flood Relief

We have been working with our partners on the ground to help those affected by the floods in Pakistan. We have got projects like the water well, building of houses and toilets.

Water Well project

Currently we are looking at building water wells and hand pumps around the region of Mianwali. We therefore have requests to help in building water wells in these villages. We need to build in the region of about 200 wells. The cost of building a well differs depending on the ground

Flood Relief

Housing projects in the area of Sindh

The floods of 2010 in Pakistan destroyed thousands of houses. We have at the moment requests to assist in building of atleast 100 houses in the area of Badin, Mirpurkhas, Thatta, and Sanghar.

Flood Relief Flood Relief We are planning to build a 12X14 feet single room houses. The cost of material for building such houses are 610 pounds only. The cost of labour will be borne by the individuals themselves

Building of Toilet facilities

Whilst room and houses were built after the floods, unfortunately because of the lack of funds toilet facilities were not been able to be built. We are looking into building approximately 100 toilets in the area affected by floods. The cost of building one toilet is approx. 332 pounds