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Education Support

There are various reason for school dropouts, but the most common one is poverty. Whilst primary education is free in Tanzania, the school does not provide with books or uniform. There are parents who cannot afford to send their children to schools.

Education Support Education Support

We already have about 200 students on the waiting list and if we do not act fast, these children will miss the most important time of their lives

Supporting these students through higher education (equivalent to A levels) and university is very important as well, as we believe, by giving these students these opportunities we are not only going to improve the life of the person and their family, but their villages as well, as the educated person will bring prosperity to his/her local areas.

Yet for only 43 pounds per annum, you can support a child through nursery school and for about 85 pounds for a secondary school student. The cost of a student through higher education is about 850 pounds and through a university is about 1200 Pounds