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Desks Projects

Children across Tanzania have to sit on dusty and dirty floor when they attend classes. Some of the schools that appear to have desk, are either in dire state or 3-4 students have to share one desk. With the Desk and Chair initiative you can help those students with their education.

Desks Desks

living in the west one cannot imagine children going to school and have to sit on the floor or ground to get their basic education. What, we here in the west take for granted, is a luxury in the villages of Tanzania. There are acute shortages of desks and chair in schools in the villages of Tanzania, both at a primary and secondary level. It is estimated that there is a shortage of 3 Million desks, especially in the Government schools where education is provided free of cost.

A plastic desk and chair for nursery school costs only £5.00, a single seater desk with chair will cost about £26.00, whilst a 3 seater will cost about £47.00. We are currently looking at about 1000 desk to be given to school across the villages in Tanzania

Carbon Offsetting With Every desk that is build 5 trees are sowed in the grounds of the schools to compensate for the wood that has been used to build the desk. The cost of planting these trees is only 50 pence, which includes transporting the seedling to the site and planting. Watering is normally done by the students or by rainfalls